From Spiral to Spline

Raph Levien will defend his thesis called From Spiral to Spline: Optimal Techniques in Interactive Curve Design on the 3rd of September 2009 at the University of California, Berkeley. It describes techniques for interpolating splines, something that can be useful in font design. The thesis also includes comprehensive sections on the history of splines, elastica curves and clothoids (Euler's spiral). Very interesting stuff! Good luck on Wednesday Raph!

Thanks to Ola Jaensson for finding and sharing this!


  1. Dear Marten!
    Thank you for the interesting link. I used this years eCAADe conference to meet up with Volker Müller from Bentley and we talked about the "Plank Line" option in GC that he mentioned on your blog earlier.
    We are conducting another studio focussing on the bending behaviour at the ICD ( http://icd.uni-stuttgart.de ) next semester - your blog will be a great resource.

  2. do you know Johannes Natterer of the IBOIS at the EPFL? http://ibois.epfl.ch/page12022.html

  3. Dear Moritz! Thanks for your feedback and updates. The stuff you do at ICD seems really interesting! I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the presentations from 'Reciprocities' in July, is there anything published (web) from that course? Good luck with your next studio!

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  5. Dipl.-Ing. Moritz Fleischmann, MArch (AA)12 October 2009 at 17:15

    Der Marten,

    we will publish the work online in the near future.
    I will keep you informed.
    Your blog was a great resource for our students.