Tapeworm script

"Tapeworm" is the working title for a little script I'm developing. It will produce a long thin developable surface that unrolls to a straight strip. The curvature (bending + twisting) is controlled by two lists of values.


Developable curved strips in Grasshopper

A script in Grasshopper that will produce rather complex surfaces that are perfectly developable and they will also unroll to straight strips. Thanks to Graph Mappers (one for bending and one for twisting) the shape is relatively easy and intuitive to adjust.
(The surface in the top left corner of the image is quite similar to this one.)
I'm very pleased with these results!


Scripted 3d Bending

Fueled by a question from Jesper Thøger Christensen, I've continued to work on scripted 3d bending, something I started a while ago. At the moment it will just produce a helix (constant bend + constant twist), but I'm hoping to get some more elasticity in there.