Exhibition opened!

Opening of the exhibition 'function', showing works by Ulrika Karlsson & Marcelyn Gow, Pablo Miranda Carranza & Åsmund Gamlesæter and Mårten Nettelbladt (me). Exhibition hosted, curated and designed by Fritz Halvorsen.



From the catalog:
Searching for the obvious
Mårten Nettelbladt

When you bend a thin strip of plywood you get a beautifully shaped curve. What geometry does this curve follow? There is a peaceful simplicity to the shape, and yet, it doesn't fall into the normal categories of basic geometric shapes as we know them. The exhibition shows two different ways to approach this challenge. Part one: A plywood strip, twelve meters long, curled and twisted into a double loop shape. This geometry is a result of the material trying to resist, and thereby minimize, the forces of bending and torsion. Part two: A computer generated surface, curling and twisting according to user input. Two lists of values control the curvature and the direction of the surface. The resulting single-curved surface will always be developable and unroll to a straight strip. Question: Is there a simple mathematical solution that will produce the same geometry as in the plywood loop? The search continues.

Special thanks toDavid Rutten, McNeelAndy Payne & Jason K. Johnson, Firefly ExperimentsGrasshopper Forum

Download Rhino + Grasshopper files:
The firefly stuff has been omitted in this version since not everyone have their hardware sliders...

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