Kangaroo Bending + Reactivision

A video response to these photos by Amir Gazit. Thanks to Daniel Piker for this setup: Also thanks to Andy Payne and Jason K Johnson for including the Reactivision stuff in the latest FireFly. It's a lot of fun!


  1. Nice result!

    does the lenght really stay the same?



  2. hi its me again..

    i just had a quick look and set up an simple definition bending a rod with a spring attached to both ends

    seems that the paramters defining the bending behaviour, like bend strength, stiffness of the rod segment springs and the amount of subdivisions along the rod, are quite abstract

    do these paramters in kangaroo somehow relate to real world physical units?

    If they do so it would be great to do the whole thing material constrained taking into acount the gyration radius and material specific modulus of elasticity

    thx for sharing your bending behaviour experience

    till then,

    Moritz Dörstelmann

  3. Hi Moritz,
    the length varies a little during the movement, because the rod is made of springs. When a stable position is found, the length should be roughly the same however.
    Yes, I think those values are quite abstract. But from what I've found, the choice of material doesn't affect the geometry of the bending very much, as long as it can bend elastically.