SurfaceTurtle and CurvatureTurtle by Lorenz Lachauer

Lorenz Lachauer has a great blog called eat-a-bug. It has some very interesting topics. I used his Grasshopper file SurfaceTurtle and Rhino plugin TwistedBeams to generate these plank lines from an ellipsoid:

(The SurfaceTurtle works just like the ToyCar plugin by David Rutten).
I also used his Grasshopper file CurvatureTurtle to generate some elastica curves:

Thanks a lot Lorenz!


  1. Oh I like it very much... I wish you could share the script...

  2. Did you try the links at the top of the post?

  3. Mårten this is amazing! It is exactly the kind of thing im trying to learn how to do at the moment. Would you kindly share your script on how you did your plank lines/elipsoid model for me to learn from?
    A lot of impressive research on bending on this site!!! Im about to learn a lot!!

  4. The surface turtle by Lorenz Lachauer is here: http://www.eat-a-bug.kilu.de/SurfaceTurtle.zip
    The Twisted Beams definition, also by Lorenz Lachauer is here: http://www.eat-a-bug.kilu.de/TwistedBeamsGH.zip